3D Surface Topography

Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/FRT Scanner.JPGInnovative Test Solutions, Inc. has an FRT MicroProf surface scanner that can perform 2D and 3D topography maps, calculate volume gain/loss, and measure surface parameters.

FRT scanning is used to evaluate surface wear on tested samples to the nano level. This can used to compare different testing parameters, material choices, and coatings.

The results can be presented in many different data packages ranging from simple 3D jpegs to full FRT volume certificates.

Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/3DSurface-Top.jpg

The FRT’s scanning specifications are listed below:

Max Length (X) = 2.9 in
Max Width (Y) = 2.9 in
Max Height (Z) = 3.5 in
1mm Sensor working distance = 0.038 in
3mm Sensor working distance = 0.110 in

For more information regarding 3D Surface Topography, please contact us at info@its-inc.com or request a quote here.