Furnace Cycle Testing

Innovative Test Solutions, Inc. has several furnaces which are designed to do cyclic testing at elevated temperatures up to 3100F. Our typical specimens are 1 inch diameter and not more than ¼ inch thick. Typically a test cycle consists of a temperature ramp, dwell at temperature for a specified time, then forced air cooled for the desired time. The process is repeated for the desired number of cycles.

Specimen of other dimensions can be accommodated. Other cycles can be defined and utilized to meet your testing requirements.

For thermal exposure testing, these furnaces can test your specimen, within the temperatures stated above, for the dwell time you desire. Pre and post test inspection, dimensions, weight, photographs can be documented and a test certification provided.

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For more information regarding Furnace Cycle Testing, please contact us at info@its-inc.com or request a quote here.