History of Innovative Test Solutions, Inc.

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Innovative Test Solutions, Inc. (ITS) was founded in 2004, subsequent to the closing of the Materials Characterization Laboratory (MCL) in Schenectady, New York.  Former MCL management and personnel started the ITS laboratory with two staff engineers, four servo-hydraulic fatigue frames, and three electro-dynamic vibration shaker tables, in a ~2000 sq-ft space located in Scotia, NY.

In 2008, just four short years, we had outgrown the 6000 sq-ft facility, which we had expanded into and we had to begin searching for another facility.

In the summer of 2009, a 22,500 sq-ft building located on Kings Road in Schenectady, NY was purchased.  Renovations were completed in late 2010 and ITS relocated its operations in the summer of 2011.  Since 2011, ITS has continued to further expand both in capacity, and diversity, of testing services and equipment.

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Who We Are

ITS is staffed with engineers of all disciplines, and members of management are leaders in their respective fields, bringing decades of industry experience and insight to the solution of your testing needs.

Our services range from standard ASTM tests standards to mutually agreed upon custom developed protocols; standard testing frames to one of a kind test rigs. We also provide the advanced analytical testing, of various metal alloys and composites, required to truly evaluate their complex real world fatigue and component properties. We at ITS, as experienced experts, through the use of computer aided design, computer controlled testing, and automated data acquisition, create tests to meet unique situations and requirements. Some of the industries serviced by ITS include, but are not limited to: power generation, defense, aerospace, transportation and biomedical systems.