Tensile Testing

Innovative Test Solutions, Inc. is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited to perform tensile testing to ASTM standards E8 and E21 from -320°F to 2000°F.

Why perform a Tensile Test?

Tensile Tests provide a wealth of data on material behavior and properties.  Engineers used values like Young’s Modulus, Yield Strength, and Elongation to determine the appropriate material for their specific applications.

Today’s technological demands require Tensile testing to be performed using precision instrumentation and within a range of environmental settings. ITS has over 30 digitally controlled Servo-Hydraulic Test Frames with the capability to perform tensile testing over a range of temperatures in air or inert gas environments.  Our frames are outfitted with state of the art fixturing and data acquisition system.

Tensile testing is typically testing the material at a constant pull rate until the material yields and ultimately ruptures.

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For more information regarding Tensile Testing, please contact us at info@its-inc.com or request a quote here.