Composite testing has become crucial for aerospace, power generation, transportation, and military applications.   

Advanced composites are a relatively new engineering material. Innovative Test Solutions has the techniques designed to assess the mechanical integrity of such materials. 

We perform several ASTM standardized tests along with custom testing requests.

What is Composite Testing?

Combining desired properties of ceramics, polymers, metals, glass, and other materials allows advanced composites to protect materials from excessive heat, such as spacecraft materials during a launch.  

The testing machines are configured to test composite materials including density, void content, water absorption, hardness, and scratch-resistance.

Our engineers evaluate composite samples to meet the necessary quality standards or regulatory requirements, no matter how rigorous.

Composite testing requires specialized equipment to meet the required specifications, standards, and regulatory requirements for each request.

  • Standard Tensile 
  • Tensile Properties of Polymers Matrix Composite Materials [D-3039] 
  • Fracture Toughness Tensile Clevises [ASTM E-399] 
  • Modified Compressive Testing [ASTM D-695] 
  • Three and Four Point Flexure Test [ASTM D-790, D-6272, & D-7264]
  • Interlaminar Shear SBS [ASTM D-2344] 
  • Roller Drum Peal Test [ASTM D-3167] 
  • Filled Hole Tension, FHT [ASTM D-5766 / D-6742] 
  • Bearing Response of Polymers Matrix Composite Laminates [ASTM D-5961] 
  • Open Hole Compression, OHC [ASTM D-6484] 
  • Combined Loading Compression Test [ASTM D-6641] 
  • Durability and Damage Tolerances Tests [ASTM D-7136] 
  • Compression Strength After Impact, CSAI-DT Energies [ASTM D-7137 & NASA-1092]

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