Innovative Test Solutions performs standard ASTM E-139 creep rupture and stress rupture testing on a variety of specimen sizes and specimen geometries — cylindrical and flat.

ITS identified a need to evaluate material properties of components that cannot be made into standard size samples. In order to perform creep and stress rupture testing on these components, ITS developed techniques to extract sub-miniature samples from actual miniature creep components and rupture frames to test these specimens.

What is Creep Testing?

Creep testing is another way to test product failure for materials in extreme conditions through specialized mechanical testing services.

These materials are often placed into service at elevated temperatures and are exposed to static mechanical stresses. Deformation under these conditions is called creep.  

Creep can be defined as the time-dependent and permanent deformation of materials when subjected to a constant load. 

Measuring the load over an extended period of time, creep tests use continuous load and elevated temperatures to test for an eventual failure. 

Creep test results are then used in evaluating material components for boilers, gas turbines, jet engines, and other high-temperature mechanics. 

What is Stress Rupture Testing?

Stress rupture testing is the complete and sudden failure of a material that is under pressure and stress.

During the testing process, the sample is held to a specific load level and temperature for a pre-determined timeframe.

In stress rupture testing, loads may be applied by tensile bending or hydrostatic methods.

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