Instrumentation Used at Innovative Test Solutions

Innovative Test Solutions engineers use a variety of precision instruments in our lab to help with processing data and measurements for testing purposes.

Some of the precision instruments used by ITS engineers are:

  • High Precision Scales: To determine precise weight measurements for various applications.
  • Density Apparatus: Used to measure the density property of powders, granules, and other solids. 
  • Strain Gaging: Used to directly measure strain and the amount of stress applied to a material during a test.  
  • 2D Profilometer: Used to measure the surface’s profile in order to quantify the material’s roughness.
  • Digital Imaging Correlation System: A non-contact measuring technique capable of evaluating material displacement and strain.   
  • Thermal Imaging: Used to analyze a desired object or material’s temperature.
  • Keyence Digital Optical Comparator: Instant measuring system used to record data and generate inspection reports.
  • Keyence 3D Measurement System: High-resolution 3D measurement system quantifies form, contour, and flatness.

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