Safety Precautions at ITS

Testing the safety, accuracy, and longevity of coatings, mechanical components, and equipment begins with lab safety.

We believe safety is an important component in every facet of our testing facility and it is as much of a responsibility for management and engineers as it is for each individual.

Laboratory safety is everyone’s responsibility.

ITS management is responsible for its employees. ITS employees are responsible for each other. And, most importantly, ITS employees are responsible for themselves. Safety violations are documented with an NCR and disciplinary action may result after management review.

Employee Safety

In addition to holding each other accountable, our designated in-house Safety Officer goes through extensive accredited training to ensure a consistent, compliant work environment for everyone in and around the testing facility.

As the in-house Safety Officer, Jason Ramundo has completed extensive training courses through the National Safety Council that include basics derived from OSHA compliance regulations through universal best practices specifically designed to prevent injuries and death.

The safety courses include:

  • Fall Safety
  • Hazard Communications
  • Ladder Safety
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Machine Guarding
  • PPE Overview
  • Respiratory Protection

Ramundo continues to take OSHA training course to expand and maintain his knowledge of safety at ITS. He also holds the ITS team accountable and ensures proper precautions are taken for each project.

Each member of our staff is provided with proper safety apparel to confidently perform their day-to-day duties and responsibilities. This includes eye protection and hearing protection

Allowances are also given to our team members to purchase additional safety items needed for their workday. This safety equipment can range from hand, eye and feet protection to be used at work.

Employees are provided with a safety manual, which they can — and do — reference at any time.

Engineering Lab Safety

We are committed to not only creating a safe environment for our staff and clients, but instilling safety standards for each of our tests.

As many of our testing solutions are customized to the project, our safety equipment is tailored to the test in a similar way.

Whether our engineers are working with solvents, oils, or mechanical components, proper precautions are taken each step of the way for a smooth test session from start to finish.

Our array of shields and protective equipment can be used in a variety of tests to help protect those in the testing facility.

Material Data Safety Sheets, more commonly known as MSDS, are maintained in the Lab MSDS binder and also made readily available for the staff.

For more information you can read our entire safety manual here.

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