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As an industry-leading provider of materials and component testing, inspection, and certification services to many of the world’s largest and most successful organizations, Innovative Test Solutions is driven by purpose and the success of its partners.

We design and execute tests to meet the unique standards and stipulations of the industries we service by using computer-aided fixture design, computer-controlled testing, and automated data acquisition to make sure the results we get are the results that matter and make a difference.

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The engineers at ITS are skillfully trained in their fields. They serve a wide range of businesses and industries through material-engineering support and laboratory testing services to evaluate fatigue and component properties of materials and composites.

Their knowledge and training allow ITS to provide its partners with a better understanding of the specimens their brands are built upon in a real-world environment.

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Full Service Machine Shop

Innovative Machining Services is a full-service machine shop specializing in CNC milling, turning, wired EDM, design, and part manufacturing.

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Our mechanical engineering testing laboratory in Schenectady, New York, provides testing and inspection services which comply with ASTM testing standards. Our expertise ranges from thermal barriers and erosion testing to vibration testing services and more.

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Through constant improvement, innovation, and thorough testing, ITS is able to create an environment that ensures personal and professional success. To secure your future, contact us for more information.