The demand for energy consumption continues to increase each year around the globe.

Maintaining current power plants and developing new efficient, clean energy sources and power generation facilities has become a growing priority and concern for many areas.

Innovative Test Solutions provides custom tailored evaluations and testing services for the energy and electrical power industry.

ITS provides materials and component testing services to the energy and electrical industry and has a thorough understanding of the materials, components, operating environments, and failure mechanisms that are normally associated with the equipment used throughout the industry.

Our engineers understand the unique requirements of the energy and electrical power generation industry from electrical power, hydroelectric power, wind power, solar energy, and more.

Testing per ASTM standards, custom testing services offered by ITS includes component testing as well as creep and stress rupture testing. Our tailored testing solutions help to determine the longevity of components and ensure the materials perform as intended in real-world environments.

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Energy & Electrical Power Testing Services

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