Innovative Test Solutions is an industry-leader providing in-depth testing services of materials and products for the transportation industry in the United States.

Our laboratory in Schenectady, New York is equipped with advanced testing equipment and a team of knowledgeable engineers to fulfill the individual needs of each client.

ITS provides the transportation industry with a broad-spectrum of engineering and testing services from component testing services on systems to fatigue testing services using servo-hydraulic testing machines. These mechanical testing services create real-time simulations, road load data acquisition, and provide data analysis for our engineers.

We work closely with clients in order to develop superior systems and components for the next generation of transportation industry services.

ITS engineers make certain that the products and materials undergoing tests are safe, reliable, and dependable.

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Transportation Testing Services

Our Results Speak For Themselves

As an industry-leading provider of material and machine testing services, inspection, and certification services to many of the world's leading organizations, ITS is driven by purpose and the success of others.

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Through constant improvement, innovation, and thorough testing, ITS is able to create an environment that ensures personal and professional success. To secure your future, contact us for more information.