Innovative Test Solutions has the capabilities to perform a variety of different applications of erosion testing ranging from cavitation erosion using a vibratory apparatus (ASTM G32) to abrasion resistance of organic coatings by falling abrasive (ASTM D968). 

What is Erosion Testing? 

Erosion testing is different from other forms of wear tests in that there is a fluid contribution to the mechanical action producing wear and friction. 

If the fluid is corrosive to the material being eroded, material removal will see an increase.  

What is Cavitation Erosion Testing?

The cavitation erosion test method is the process of damage caused to the face of a specimen through vibration at a high frequency while immersed in liquid.  

The vibration process causes the formation and collapse of cavities in the liquid. The collapsing cavities lead to the eventual erosion of the material. 

What is Abrasion Resistance Testing? 

Abrasion resistance testing is used to test the abrasive resistance of solid materials such as metals, ceramics, thick coatings, and composites.  

The purpose of abrasion testing is to produce data that will rank a material’s ability to resist abrasion under a specified set of conditions. 

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