The Challenge

Fasteners keep the world together, and in an ever increasingly complex world the need for fastening technology has grown.  As new products and designs are introduced into the field, engineers are looking for new and improved hardware that will keep secure sensitive equipment while withstanding external forces.  We were approached by a company that wanted to test the clamping force retention of hardware while under transverse vibration to a  European Specification called a Junker Test.  The challenge was twofold; first the hardware was too large for European companies that specialize in hardware vibratory testing, so a customized rig had to be designed and fabricated.  Secondly due to the size of the hardware, the clamping forces would be large and would need a sturdy design that could withstand the compressive load as well as be able to exert the transverse vibration needed to perform to the DIN standard specification test and ascertain the clamping integrity of the hardware under vibratory conditions.

The Solution

Following the design guidelines of the DIN specification pertaining to the Junker Test Rig, we started with two plates that glided past each other with the help of bearings, we then added a load washer to measure the clamping force and other aspects required for a Junker test fixture.  Utilizing the vertical movement of a servo-hydraulic frame with a 20,000 lb capacity, the  fixture was designed to clamp the 1.5” diameter hardware at a right angle to the movement of the servo-hydraulic ram.  The design was made sturdy enough to react to the large clamping forces of the 1.5” hardware while allowing the servo-hydraulic rig to apply the transverse vibration needed to perform the Junkers test specification

The Results

The Hardware was tested in accordance to the DIN specification with promising results for the customer showing improved clamping force retention of their product over standard non-locking hardware which loosened when subjected to vibration.  ITS now accommodates multiple sizes of hardware for Junker Testing and can design additional fixturing to fit a wide range of fastener sizes.

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