The Challenge

Components within the gas turbine engine are often coated with a protective thermal barrier coating (TBC). These coatings enhance the operating temperature and thermal efficiency of the gas turbine along with reducing fuel consumption and gas emissions at elevated temperatures.  Constant development of TBC materials is important to the performance of gas turbine engines and there is a constant need and effort to improve them.  TBC material performance can be evaluated in many ways such as:  bond strength, bend strength, erosion resistance and furnace cycle testing.

The Solution

Innovative Test Solutions Inc. (ITS) can offer the above services to all its customers, however, we can also go a step further with the use of a Jets Burner test rig.  ITS has designed and developed a Jets Burner test rig capable of subjecting a coated test sample to the thermal gradients and cycles seen in the turbine engine.  Thermal gradients are controlled with use of a PLC & mass flow controllers to be able to optimize fuel to oxygen ratio.  Temperatures of the front and back face of the samples are measured with calibrated spot infrared cameras; this measurement is also used as feedback to maintain temperature and thermal gradient.  The ITS Jets Burner test rig is also capable of introducing CMAS (Calcia-Magnesia-Alumina-Silica) contaminants.  It is well known that CMAS deposition can greatly debit the life of TBC coating so ITS has designed this capability to allow the customer to evaluate their coating under thermal gradient cycling conditions at the same time as CMAS deposition. 

The Results

Jets Burner testing is one of the best ways to subject TBC’s to real world service conditions.  Having this testing capability has allowed our customers to develop new coating along with production testing to evaluating existing ones.

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