Prototype Testing for Additive Manufacturing Industry

Innovative Test Solutions works closely with industry leaders in additive manufacturing to discover more about material characteristics and advance the additive manufacturing processes.

We provide comprehensive comparison testing and research services for additive manufacturing and 3D-printed materials including tensile testing and fatigue testing services.  

Development & Evaluation

Our Schenectady, New York, facility constructs customized programs and prototype tests to determine the quality of our clients’ additive manufacturing component.

This customized testing ensures the component will be able to fulfill its purpose.

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing is the process of 3D objects being built layer by layer, using specialized equipment that minimizes waste. Additive manufacturing receives data from a computer-aided-design (CAD) software to add successive layers in geometric shapes.

This is a non-traditional, transformative approach to industry production that avoids having to remove material through milling, carving, machining, or shaping.

Additive manufacturing improves performance and simplifies production for our clients.

Why is Additive Manufacturing Testing Important?

In addition to determining if the reliability of the component, our testing services can determine:

  • Chemical Composition
  • Apparent Density Measurement
  • Microscopic Product Features
  • Flaws or Potential Issues
  • Corrosion Susceptibility

Our Additive Manufacturing Quality Control & Assurance

Also known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing faces unique sets of challenges like testing requirements, creating reliable programs for quality assurance, and determining vulnerable material properties.

Our prototype testing helps our engineers to detect critical flaws with a higher level of accuracy and detail than standard practices would find.

Additive manufacturing can develop visual, functional prototypes and can expedite the product development process for a quicker market entry.

We adhere to all ASTM testing standards, ensuring that the testing methods results achieved by the ITS engineers are reliable and accurate.

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Innovative Test Solutions is also a trusted and valued testing partner for industries ranging from automotive, power generation, to aerospace, medical, and many others.

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