Innovative Test Solutions is equipped with high-level burner rigs capable of performing standard jet engine thermal shock testing (JETS) as well as High-‘Q’ thermal gradient testing. 

ITS has researched, designed, and developed JETS rigs, which are extremely versatile and can be modified to handle various sample geometries, as well as temperature ranges.

What is Jet Engine Thermal Shock Testing? 

Derived from a burner rig test, JETS testing services creates a substantial thermal gradient across the thermal barrier coating (TBC) as well as the thermo-mechanical stress on the interface.  

ITS has numerous methods of JETS testing which can be used for aircraft and industrial gas turbine (IGT) engines manufacturers in the development stage. The tests are also vital in ensuring quality control. 

Our production thermal shock/gradient test rigs can achieve front and side temperatures upwards of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,650 degrees Celsius) using compressed natural gas/oxygen mix — while maintaining suitable back side temperatures near 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit (955 degrees Celsius) with compressed air.  

These testing capabilities are essential in determining the performance and dependability of the specimen.  

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