Before a product or machinery can be used in its intended environment, it needs to go through the vibration testing procedure. This test will determine reliability of the tested specimen and ensure it will operate as intended in real-world situations.

Vibration testing has been an essential testing service provided by Innovative Test Solutions since the beginning.

Many turbine blade manufacturers including power generation, aviation, and automotive engine suppliers have relied on ITS to provide their vibration and fatigue testing.

Vibration Testing Equipment

ITS is equipped with an array of shaker systems ranging in size from small desk-top piezoelectric units to larger floor models capable of producing 6,000 lbs of force. Some of the large shakers are equipped with integrated slip tables and state-of-the-art fully digital control systems.

Fully digital control techniques are used for all vibration fatigue testing. This technique eliminates the human factor and decreases scatter in results. Testing can be performed at room or elevated temperatures. Each shaker used in our facility is outfitted with this innovative digital system.

ITS engineers also have the capability to perform many types of component testing on our fully digital shakers and shaker slip table. Our slip table is easily modified to mount either simple or complex systems. Multi-axis testing can be setup with little-to-no extra setup time than a single axis test.

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