Digital Image Correlation Analysis

closeup of two Digital Image Correlation stereoscopic 3D cameras with a test specimen on the monitor behind the cameras

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a non-contact optical technique that employs the use of two stereoscopic 3D cameras and a speckle-paint pattern.

It can be applied to virtually any test specimen to map and measure strain under load.

The method monitors the changes found on the test specimen’s surface during stress testing.

Versatility and ease of use makes digital image correlation the ideal analysis solution.

Typically, strain gauge needs to be applied directly to the specimen using an adhesive.

The non-contact method allows the user to apply up to thousands of strain gauges on the specimen virtually with the same level of accuracy.

This also eliminates the need for wire leads and an external signal conditioner before the data can be collected and analyzed.

How Digital Image Correlation is Used

The system utilized at Innovative Test Solutions (ITS) also has the ability to record analog inputs while the test is running.

This feature allows strain data to be collected in real time vs. load.

Additionally, the axis of measurement can be rotated to any orientation after testing has been completed. This allows us to see how the part was stressed in different directions depending on the load.

This is especially important for measuring things like torsional strain where the object is not loaded linearly.

The Digital Image Correlation system also plays a vital role in:

  • Measuring surface contours, deformations, and strains on surfaces with complex geometries.
  • Extreme strain applications.
  • Customized solutions for a variety of applications.
  • High strain and displacement accuracies.

One of the most important features of a Digital Image Correlation system in comparison to a typical strain gauge is the maximum strain measurement can reach into the plastic deformation region until the part ultimately fails.

The amount of strain a typical strain gauge can withstand before the grid is compromised is limited by how much the gauge itself can stretch before failure.  

Having a Digital Image Correlation system in-house is essential in our process to ensure the success and safety of your product.

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