Increasing Productivity with the Keyence IM-7030T Optical Comparator

A Keyence IM-7030T Digital Optical Comparator Instant Measurement System is a digital measurement tool that quickly and easily compares a physical part to a pre-programmed schematic to ensure that it meets dimension standards.

Innovative Test Solutions (ITS) recently purchased a new Keyence IM-7030T Digital Optical Comparator Instant Measurement System, which replaced the older manual optical comparator system.

This new testing technology quickly and accurately measures part dimensions in addition to providing in/out of tolerance results. This system produces reliable measurements between any operator with its automatic measuring system and eliminates common errors with conventional measurement methods.

black Keyence IM-7030T Digital Optical Comparator testing equipment sitting on a desk next to two black computer monitors

“The Keyence IM-7030T Digital Optical Comparator gives ITS the ability to produce superior results compared to similar testing labs,” ITS Quality Manager Sam Acevedo explained. “The ability to produce higher-quality results with greater accuracy gives our clients peace of mind when it comes to quality.”

ITS has the ability to build a templated measurement program and then measure each sample, such as metallic or plastic components. A programmed drawing is used to compare the sample to see if it conforms to the tolerances on the drawing.

The digital optical comparator allows the ability to produce fast, accurate measurements and cut down on the time required for inspections.  

Measurements are so accurate that the system’s wide-field cameras produce results within 0.0002 of an inch. Additionally, the high-precision cameras are accurate within 0.000008 of an inch.

Equipped with sub-pixel processing, automatic edge detection, and pattern recognition, the automated optical comparator is a welcomed addition to our testing facility.

Sub-pixel processing means the location is calculated to be more precise, rather than the use of coordinates which could be slightly inaccurate.

The automated optical comparator creates an easy-to-use system which enables the team to facilitate a greater number of tests that yield better results.

The data is recorded in real-time, so, in the instance that a dimension is out of tolerance, our team of engineers will know. This accuracy ensures the best results are produced, no matter what specimen is being measured.

The latest addition to the in-house equipment at ITS also allows the team to measure volumes of up to six times the amount the older model was able to handle. It can also identify as many as 99 dimensions within seconds and as many as 99 parts at once.

Having a Keyence IM-7030T Digital Optical Comparator Instant Measurement System is essential to ensuring the success and safety of your product. The attention to detail and superior accuracy is vital to the component’s success.

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