ITS Tests Baseball Netting

Innovative Test Solutions recently tested the strength properties of several different types of Baseball netting. Check out the article linked below. 

Before the screens went up, though, the netting was tested at Innovative Test Solutions, a third-party engineering laboratory in Schenectady, New York.

“We often do aeronautical testing, like critical engine parts. So this was a fun change of pace.”

Lou Fiorini, Director of Operations

A video shot and produced by Promats Athlectics of the testing is linked below.

Innovative Test Solutions of Schenectady, NY conducted a series of 3rd party tests with a simulated Ultra Cross Braided Dyneema® tension netting system designed by Promats Athletics. Even with over 600 impacts at speeds up to 115 mph, Ultra Cross never failed! ENGINEERED SAFETY. UNCOMPROMISED VISIBILITY.


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