New Digital Video Micrometer Tool Further Improves Testing Accuracy

Digital video micrometer tool with a large monitor displaying the measurement of material displacements from a vibrating turbine in the ITS testing facility

The latest addition to the testing tools lineup at Innovative Test Solutions (ITS) is the 309 Series Hi-Def Video Micrometer from Colorado Video.

This video micrometer allows the ITS team of engineers to measure large material displacements with accuracy like never before. It gives an operator the ability to perform horizontal, vertical, diagonal, point-to-point, and angle measurements in real-time with extreme accuracy.

While the digital micrometer is common amongst larger original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), like Boeing and General Electric for instance, it is rarely found in testing facilities. This is a specialized tool the ITS facility uses for aerospace applications to measure the amplitude of parts when in resonance.

“The 309 Series Video Micrometer gives us a substantial advantage compared to similar testing labs,” ITS Director of Operations Lou Fiorini said. “It allows us to calibrate jet engine parts easily and accurately on a consistent basis.”

The new 309 Series Video Micrometer measurement tool gives ITS the ability to accurately measure displacements up to 1.3000 inches with a resolution of 0.0001 of an inch by using different lenses in conjunction with the video micrometer to do so.

Once the part is at resonance, a distinct machine line is created which can be measured repeatably and accurately using this tool.

The previous testing method was to use an optical scope and count the lines on a reticle scale. This method left more room for interpretation and error user to user.

While the new digital micrometer measurement tool can be used for a wide variety of applications, a product commonly tested is jet engine components such as turbine blades.

The images below show a turbine test where the blade is vibrating at its resonant frequency of approximately 3500Hz. An ITS engineer then carefully adjusts the measurement lines to the peak displacements of the device under test, which yields a measurement readout in the top-right corner of the screen with ultra-precise accuracy.

Screenshot of video micrometer measurement tool measuring a still turbine during a test.
Screenshot of video micrometer measurement tool measuring a vibrating turbine to measure displacements during a test.

Using it in a variety of circumstances, like vibration testing, the digital micrometer ensures the induced stress levels are comparable and accurate part to part.

Phase tracked resonant dwell testing creates a highly controlled, closed-loop, vibration which ITS uses to induce a precision calculated stress level. This stress level in conjunction cycle count to failure helps the part manufacturer determine the fatigue limit of there product as well as it’s service life once they are in use.

The calibration and fatigue testing of jet engine parts is essential to ensure the product is resilient, safe, and reliable. This attention to detail and the testing accuracy is vital to the success of the material.

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