Teachers in Space Prepare to Debut Serenity Miniature Satellites

Teachers in Space, Inc., is a not for-profit educational organization which stimulates student interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by providing teachers with extraordinary space science experiences and industry connections.

Thanks to the program, high school students in 11th grade can now study the efficacy of a new radiation-protection fabric and preschoolers have observed the effects of spaceflight on marshmallows.

The expert teams of teachers and students representing Teachers in Space have designed, built, and successfully flown meaningful experiments that help them understand the mechanics and effects of spaceflight.

December 2020 will be an eventful month for the organization, as Teachers in Space plans to launch an educational satellite named Serenity that will allow HAM radio operators to “ping” the satellite and receive packets of data including satellite health, battery charge, solar panel voltage, latitude, longitude, and radiation levels.

Innovative Test Solutions was given the opportunity to ensure the satellite launches were successful and the satellite would operate in real-world scenarios.   

What is the Educational Satellite?

Teachers in Space will launch its first orbital CubeSat, which amateur radio operators can access for free.

Miniature 3D-printed satellite structures, known as CubeSats, are standardized for low-cost flights on a variety of vehicles and key to educational success for students. 

Serenity, a 3u CubeSat carrying radio operating at 437.1 frequency, a Raspberry Pi computer, two radiation dosimeters, GPS, and other data sensors launches December 2020.

Schools will no longer need to invent their entire program from scratch. But instead can purchase off-the-shelf experiment kits for under $500. 

Suborbital flights are also available from the organization and often cost less than the First Robotics program. 

Teachers, students, and anyone working with an amateur (HAM) radio operator can retrieve data for free from the Teachers in Space educational satellite. 

Pings for STATUS will return battery percentage, solar voltage, latitude, and longitude. RAD returns radiation readings from the two dosimeters.  LIST returns call signs of stations contacting the satellite over the past seven days. 

Aerospace Testing Services Used for 3u CubeSat Satellite Structure

Innovative Test Solutions offers a multitude of services and testing solutions in aerospace, each offering unique insight and results for the satellite.

The framework of tests our team was required to complete included:

  • Shock Testing
  • Vibration Testing

Putting the Serenity 3u CubeSat satellite through rigorous testing services helps determine how the satellite will withstand real-life situations and atmospheres.

The engineers at Innovative Test Solutions provide a comprehensive range of destructive and non-destructive testing services for an array of materials, components, products, and systems relating to the aerospace industry.

These tests are custom-tailored to each project and needs of the business, allowing businesses to fine-tune their product. Our attention to detail and testing outcome of the specimen is vital to its success.

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