High-Cycle Fatigue Testing with Electro-Dynamic Shakers

ITS performs High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) vibration testing on a multitude of components and assemblies, using a variety of electro-dynamic shakers and digital vibration controllers.

The heart of ITS vibration testing is HCF testing on airfoil specimens for a variety of applications ranging from aerospace to power generation and transportation. ITS tests airfoil specimens using sine resonance track and dwell method employing phase tracking to more accurately track the resonance of a specimen during HCF testing. Specimens are entirely controlled by digital vibration controllers, which ensure the highest level of repeatability.

In addition to airfoil testing, ITS can test parts using sine-sweep testing, random vibration, and shock testing. ITS has shakers ranging from a 20 KHz capable piezo shaker, to a 6000 lb. force electro dynamic shaker.  ITS tests to a variety of MIL and ASTM vibration standards as well as nonstandard vibration tests. 


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